Why I'm So Great

Despite being from the USA, Wesc uses the metric system.
Wesc edits the Wikipedia
Wesc lives in the EST/EDT timezones, but keeps his watch on UTC
Wesc has no belief in Free Will
Wesc favours Materialism/Physicalism.
Wesc is a very strong Sceptic; he does not believe in knowledge.
Wesc does not believe in determinism, but only because of Quantum Mechanics.
Wesc is a bit Kantian in that he strongly advocates the cooperative position when confronted with the Prisoners' Dilemma (i.e., on a daily basis).
Politics and Morality
Wesc believes strongly in the Free market but recognises a great number of externalities that should be taxed.
Wesc is an eco-nut.
Wesc boycotted the American Sugar Association for a couple years.
Wesc is an ovo-lacto vegetarian.
Wesc votes for a third parties.
Wesc is a proud member of the Electronic Foundation Frontier, though you wouldn't know it by his inability to remember its name. It's just 'the EFF' to him.
Wesc donates blood regularly.
Wesc joined the ACLU. This means his hands are less bloody than many, but he's still going to hell when he dies.
Wesc uses Galeon and other Gecko-based web browsers. Open standards are extremely important to him.
Wesc uses Jabber for all his IM needs. Or sometimes he uses BitlBee.
Wesc uses Debian GNU/Linux. Well, sometimes.
Wesc uses GPG. Or has in the past.
Wesc was homeschooled under the unschooling method from 0-18.
Wesc majored in Computer Science and Philosophy at ECU.

Luca Kaceem Butler Masters
1670 NC 33 west
Chocowinity, NC 27817