A time when we give presents to people we don't even like, not out of the goodness of our hearts, but because we're pressured into doing so.

A time when we send Christmas cards to people we don't remember, sometimes people we've never even met.

A time when every store in the country pays people to impersonate a saint.

A time when stores advertise their wares in the name of Christ.

Oh, yeah: the celebration of Jesus' birth.

How can anyone celebrate this *cough* holiday in this way? If Jesus discovered that people were evoking his name in the name of greed, would he be happy? If Saint Nicholas learnt that people were impersonating him on every street corner and in every shop, what would his reaction be? Blasphemy!

Whatever your religion, refuse to support these practices out of respect for practising Christians everywhere! Would you buy a fly swatter named "The Buddha's Smite"? Respect people's religions. If you want a holiday based on greed, name it appropriately. It costs you nothing to be considerate.