My cats

I have lots of cats, sometimes. They come and go.

Cats get many names. Nine lives = nine names. We're still short a few for each cat.

                                / \
                          Victor   Sneakers

Moonbeam   Abby


                                                /  |     \
                                               /   |      \
                                              /    |       \
                                             /     |        \
                                     Padfoosh   Pippi=Liszt  Midnight
                                          /|\                  |
                                         / | \                 |
                                        /  |  \                |
                                       /   |   \               |
                                Eclipse  Nebula Astro          |
                                                /      /    |     |  \         \
                                               /      /     |     |   \         \
                                              /      /      |     |    \         \
                                             /      /       |     |     \         \
                                        Alpha     Beta   Velcro Delta Tumbleweed  Tux

               Smoke Alarm

                            Kippers                                    Rothe=?
                                          Kipling                   ________|_________
                                                                __/__       |         \
                                                                |   |       |          \
                                                             Empok Terok    |           \
                                                                          Qilin          |
                                                                                  Sabitun Sabintu
Our oldest still-living cat.
Update: Vanished in June/July/August 2005. (I don't remember when.)
Dead by car.
Older than me, I believe.
Dead by age
Older than me, I believe. Outlived by Victor.
Dead by neck cancer.
Dead/gone, cause unknown.
This kitten appeared the day before we left for a three-day vacatoin. Moonbeam didn't like him, and when we returned, Meow was gone.
Not ours, but presumed Coconut's mate. Similar in appearance to Alpha, in my opinion.
Gone, presumably in the area behind our place.
Lived in the barn with the kittens for a while. She was friendly.
Pippi = Pancake = Magellan = Wumpus = Kuwait
Dead from neutering.
Nightwitch = Midnight
Gone to live with the neighbors.
Tofu = Padfoosh = Sir Poop-a-Lot
Liszt = Thumpers = Jojo
Not seen recently, half ours (neighbors, but we installed a cat door and inherited him)
Eclipse = Juiblex
Gone to live with the neighbors.
Nebula = Yeenoghu
Gone (lost near the vet)
Discovered after his siblings Nebula and Eclipse had been named (by me) 'Juiblex' and 'Yeenoghu'.
Alpha = Dre = Simplex = Lever
Beta = Tesseract = Wheel
Gone (neighbors; he hates the Turnip and Liszt or Astro)
Velcro = Gamma = Hexadecachoron = Wedge
Gone (neighbors)
Delta = Icositetrachoron = Pulley
Dead. Cause unknown, but was on cortisone at the time.
Tumbleweed = Lambda = Hecatonicosachoron = Screw
Tux = Tau = Hexacosichoron = Ramp
Smoke Alarm = Smoke = Turnip = Sir Poop-a-Lot Junior
Gone. Was dizzy one night. (Fell right over a few times.) Never seen again, to my knowledge.
Kippers has only one name. (Named by Duncan)
A large cat who hates Smoke Alarm and fights quite well. Injured my foot through the shoe. (I was trying to kick him out because he was fighting, so he repeatedly launched himself at my foot. It was quite impressive.)
He's also attacked Kipling several times.
Supposedly, Delta has attacked Kippers, but I didn't see it happen.
We don't terribly want him, seeing as he's so hostile to the current cats.
Initially, he seemed very polite. He would sit at the door and meow to be let in, not once using the cat door. He did get in a couple times when we were going in/out, and also squeezed through a hole in the other door a few times.
He seems gone, though there's a cat that I don't think is him who comes by at night to be chased off by Tux.
Seems like this cat may be the mother of Kipling. She's friendly towards Kippers but Smoke Alarm and Tux dislike her. She's not come inside yet, and we don't really want her.
She's had bad luck raising kittens.
Usually lives in the barn when she has kittens or just around. Comes in to eat and sometimes to hang out.
Kipling has only one name. (Named by Luca)
A cute kitten who appeared a bit after we let Kippers inside. Gets along with Smoke Alarm, but Tux doesn't much like him, Delta seems jealous, and Kippers has been known to attack him.
As in, Empok Nor. Black and white son of Rothe. Was Kipling's friend, and okay with Tux.
Rothe's very young kitten. Very cute. Gone within a few days. A strange black dog lived where the cat lived right around when s/he disappeared.
Sabitun Sabintu
Rothe's kitten. Looks very, very much like Qilin. Qilin, however, would be a bit older by now, I'm pretty sure, so this one is named Sabitun Sabintu, the Manchu name for Qilin.

If you have a litter of n cats, they all must be named together. You can't call one of them 'Saturn' and another 'Jeff'. The names have to be a system of n related names. There aren't six Roman gods; there aren't six oceans; there aren't six elements; there aren't six fingers. The only set of six things are the regular convex polychora.

Though, I recently retronamed them Pulley, Lever, Wedge (Star Wars!), Wheel, Ramp, and Screw. (Of course, that's a dumb list. Ramp != Screw?)