Sugar v. W.H.O.M

I've been meaning to write this essay since early 2002. I stopped eating added sugar in April 2002, but ended my boycott in mid-2006. I suppose I should at least provide a brief summary:

In April 2002 (as I recall), the WHO released a scientific report stating, among other things, that we added sugar shouldn't be more than 25% of our daily caloric intake. Previously, studies had shied away from providing such specific suggestions, and some earlier reports had used the number 33%.

This report would be used by the US Congress is coming up with nutritional guidelines. So, being the wise and benevolent group they are, the US Sugar Association (and the US Snack Food Association and others) began lobbying Congress to cut all funding to the WHO unless the WHO retracted the claims.

Businesses dislike things that hurt their sales. That's cool. If they had been lobbying Congress to also consider such-and-such factors when making up their guidelines, I'd not mind so much, but instead they attempted to suppress unpleasant scientific research. The last thing we need is a less scientifically-informed Congress.