Utterly Cool

It was recently brought to me that some people find "utterly cool" an odd term. The term "utterly cool" strikes me as, well, just something like "highly illogical" or "highly unusual": two words which just go together somehow. So I Googled, getting "About 1,440 results". The top results tend to be geek related: Mozilla is deemed "utterly cool", things found on Slashdot are deemed "utterly cool", many LotR discussions contain the term, Star Wars has some "utterly cool" quotes. I may have stumbled upon an unrecognised part of geek culture. (Well, I know I hadn't recognised it before.) A full breakdown of the results is in order. I don't have time right now, however.

Note: Google Groups returns 1,430 results (ten fewer than Google Web), some of which seem slightly geekish: Nintendo, comp.os.os2.setup.video, etc.