Why I'm Agnostic

Note that this is an old document. I'm a bit nontheistic now: I don't really care.

Why I'm agnostic, eh? Well, gee, I dunno!

First, learn the difference between agnosticism and atheism.

Arguments against God

Free Will: I can prove free will doesn't exist to as high a degree of certainty as anyhting can be proven. There certainly isn't more evidence of free will than there is of God's existance, unless you defined God extremely narrowly. (As most self-proclaimed atheists do, limiting to the JCI God).

God can create a stone so heavy even he can't lift it: This is definging omnipotence much too strongly. Omnipotence is most reasonably defined as "able to do anything logically possible, and that's all most theists will hold God up to.

Can God break logic?: This is the same falacy as above.

The Problem of Evil: The most substantial argument I've heard against the JCI God, but still probably solvable. I've seen a few solutions that are certainly justifyable, especially if you don't require a bunch of other junk in your beliefs. I may elaborate sometime, but it would take many, many pages.

Arguments for God

The Bible (Christian): This is begging the question, plain and simple: We know God exists because the Bible says so and we know the Bible is right because it's the word of God.

Pascal's Wager: If you believe in God, you go to heaven, if you don't you go to Hell. There's more than one religion; if you worship the wrong God, then what?

So what?

You may have noticed this page primarily addresses the stupid-people's arguments for and against the JCI God (or even something much more specific). I hate those people. I've met many nontheists who say "Oh, the Christian belief-set doesn't make sense. therefore, there's no God." This level of stupidity really bothers me, so rather than expand on this area, I'll shut up because I keep typing "how stupid can you get" over and over and it makes it hard to get much actual writing done.

I consider it a compliment rather than an insult to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where so many ignorant men claim to be sure. -- Clarence Darrow

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