Send Me Money

Now that I've explained why I'm so great, how about sending me some money, free of charge? Here's the deal: you send me money, and I very politely thank you. We both win!

General Wesc
1670 NC 33 West
Chocowinity, NC 27817

Cash or check. I'm not picky. Also, I collect coins, so any "S" U.S. pennies or U.S. coins from before 1960 are good. Also, any foreign (to the U.S.) currency is nice. If you don't have anything special, just send a couple hundred dollars and I'll deal with them as I see fit.

Optionally, sign up for Neopets for free (they won't send you lots of stupid e-mail) and I'll get rewarded with Neopoints or items. Some day I intend to use my economic Neoresources to manipulate the entire Neopian economy. Then all of Neopia will be at my mercy! Bwahahahahahaha! Oh, I'm also on eCritters.

cd ..

Luca Kaceem Butler Masters
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