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I actually write here occasionally. Not as often as I should, but sometimes.


My old homepage.

WescNet: 2004 Edition

My homepage's old home. Lots of tripe that should be moved to this server, but is still on Tripod.

WescNet: 2002 Edition

My old homepage. (Not my oldest, but fairly old.)

The Temple of Odin

This is my old Castle of the Winds website. It's poorly maintained, but has a fair bit of information, plus various things to download.

Wesc's Poetry

I've finally gotten around to collecting some of my poetry on one page. It's not good. It's not meant to be good.


Here's at least some of what I've written for National Novel Writing Month. 2006 was my first successful attempt.

Blogger I have a blog. Sometimes I post there. Usually not.
FaceBook I have a Facebook account. But Facebook is evil, so maybe I shouldn't.
Twitter I like to tweet things of variable interestingness.
YouTube I don't post YouTube videos, but I do occasionally favorite good videos that other people kindly uploaded.
43 Things I used to use 43 Things. Mostly I tagged a lot of things. Like, a lot lot. I visibly manipulated the front page tag cloud.
43 Places I also did 43 Places. I still sometimes try to list places I've been. But I don't usually go places. *shrug*
Google Reader I use Google Reader a lot. Mostly to read stuff, but sometimes I click the 'Share' button.
Blogger I have a profile on Blogger. It links to my blogs on Blogger.
Wikipedia I edit Wikipedia in dozen of languages, but most of my user pages are gone, it seems. The English one persists.
Wiktionary I haven't done as much Wiktionary as I'd like, but I have a userpage.
Linked In I don't really use Linked In, but I have a profile and a few connections.
Goodreads Goodreads is better than AllConsuming. I try to keep both up-to-date, but this is what I actually care about nowadays.
Everything 2 I used to use E2 (and E1) a lot. Now I don't much. But a minority of what I wrote persists.
Flickr I posted some pictures on Flickr. But now I'm moving toward Panaramio because their geotagged photos get used by Google Maps, and that's cool.
Kiva I fund many Kiva loans. You should too.
Google I have a Google profile. It mostly links to other profiles. Kind of like right here.
Imgur Sometimes I make animated gifs. Usually Nerdfighter-related.
Reddit I'm a Redditer.
Tumblr I'm a Tumblpoo, or whatever the term is.
Google+ Google+ exists.
GitHub" I use Github for some things.

This is not my homepage. Or maybe it is. Initially I was just dumping junk here. WescNet was my crappy homepage. Now this is taking over and WescNet is an old collection of bad writing. (It always was.)

I'm still too lazy to make this a well designed site with good content and such. It's just a dumping ground. But some of the dumped stuff is worth of websiteness. A bunch of utilities, some tripe, and links to actual content on the left.

Miscellaneous Contents


eCritters Double-Post Preventatron
Briefly disables the 'Post!' and 'Send!' buttons upon clicking to prevent double-clicking resulting in double-posting.
eC Recently Online Converted
A Greasemonkey script to convert eCritters' Recently Online to the old version.
Simple eCritters Forum Tools
A Greasemonkey script to highlight/hide eCritters' forum topics by specified users.
eCritters eeMail Checkboxes
Greasemonkey script to add checkbox deleting of eCritters' eeMail.
43Things Quicktag
Add a 'Tag as [something]' link next to the names of items on the search.
43Things WorthIt!
Makes 'Worth Doing' the default on 43things.com
eCritters Settlement Map Chooser
Lets you choose which map you want for the Human Settlement on eCritters.
eCritters Forum Viewer
Allows you to view all public eC forums from a single page.
eCritters Topic Search
Search for topics by a given user.
eCritters Topics Posted On Search
Search for topics posted on/by a given user.
eCritters Post Preview
Greasemonkey script to add a preview option when posting replies.
Substitution Cypher
Quick-and-dirty substitution cypheriser.
See what colour a username would be on eCritters.
See approximate cost of (mostly) food items in Austin, TX. Most data from 2008 and 2010.


Moosh - Song for ja.mp3
An MP3 of 'Song for Ja', as sung by the amazing Moosh. This is hosted here at her request, so fear not the evil RIAA. (She's British, anyway. They have their own stupid RIAA-equivalent.)

eCritters Stuff

The Menorah drawn by Kannya, possibly modified by Wesc.
The Menorah drawn by Kannya, possibly modified by Wesc.
The Winter Settlement Map. This is Anima's modification of Macdougs' Settlement Map. It's possibly been modified by others, as well.
A very short-lived item on eCritters. The art is just Zaumbe's Kelpie.


This file.
foo_ui_columns.dll (581KiB)
Foobar2000 is the best music player for MS Windows. This is the most popular add-on UI for it. Just drop in in the components folder.
Why is this here? Well, apparently the people who made it think we all want to install yet another proprietary, graphical decompression application on our computers just for this. We don't. Yes, 7-Zips get great compression, but unless I start downloading a lot of big 7Zed files, this one-time 70KiB gain over bzip2 won't outweigh the 800KB software download or the inconvenience of a crappy GUI.
foo_ui_columns.dll.bz2 (295KiB)
Foobar2000 is the best music player for MS Windows. This is the most popular add-on UI for it. Just unbzip2 drop in in the components folder. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID UNBZIP2. IT'S IN CYGWIN, UNLIKE 7ZIP. Guess which should therefore be considered obscure.