Why I'm So Great About General Wesc (Luca K. B. Masters)

Where do you go when you die?

Captain Janeway Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager is immoral.

Sugar v. W.H.O.M Why you should boycott the American sugar industry.

The Philosophy of Harry Potter A not-yet-completed look at magic in the Harry Potter series.

Cows that go moo in the night A public service notice.

Utterly Cool A phrase of geek culture?

Halloween Freshman English writing exercises.

Free Will Why it cannot exist in any useful sense.

Call me About being nice.

Christmas Keep Christ in it and me out of it.

How to Write a Process Paper Freshman English assignment: write a 'process paper'. This was mine.

Odd Names People with whom I've had class.

Misspelling your child's name Meaghan? Ashlee?

Understudies Poor organisation rears it's ugly head.

Best Performance Ever Following our fourteenth performance of the Nutcracker, we were told it our the best ever.

A Conversation Without Myself General Wesc and Luca Masters talk while not around.

On the Highropes Course They only look fun. (Freshman English paper)

Joy-spreading :-)

Cloaking Devices Methods of invisibility.

Writing on the Walls J'accuse!

North Carolina Counties and town.

Light Fantasy Some I like, some I might. Mostly children's.

Massive Power Outage Quick response and homeland security.

Ernest Hemingway A quick summary of his life, ignoring his literary work.

Henry I Henry I, and how he gave us the US Constitution.

Have Got How to speak. Or, rather, how not to speak.

Singular You 'You' is not singular.

Write on Your Money Spread your message on the perfect medium.

Private Wesc How I came from humble beginnings to become General Wesc.

Censorship in the USA Censoring songs on the radio.

Custom-Order Cats My new business.

'Gay' is Not a Good Insult

Natural Selection (Draft) It's not normative and it doesn't improve the species.

Long Day You know it is going to be a long day when...

Cow Conspiracy Cows are taking over the world.

Press Any Key My telephone is old.

My cats A list of my cats.

Vanna White Amendment