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Welcome to my Castle of the Winds site. Here you'll find information about the items, monsters, and spells in Castle of the Winds and downloads, including CoTW 2. (registered) Rick Saada, the creator of Castle of the Winds decided that it should be free so he's given permission for it to be distributed freely. This from a former Microsoft employee?

Tuesday, 2007 February 28
The spells list now contains more information. Damage values for the attack spells, duration of numerous spells, and so on.
Monday, 2007 February 27
I've made a number of insignificant changes since August 5, but I'm a lazy bum, so I didn't mention them. Anyway, we're now on a decent server, so the downloads should all work now. I just added a new tip/cheat I'd never even heard of before today. Thanks to John Baker for clueing my in.
Also, it's been pointed out that I'm a lazy bum. I've done very little with this site in the past...I don't know, maybe five years? I don't really have any idea what should be done, though, so, oh well.
Note that the best URl to access this site is The address still works (and should continue to do so unless it goes four months without anyone using it at all), but at this point I'm more confident in the eCritters address. No banner that way, too.
Saturday, 2006 August 5
New server. Improved layout. Not much testing. I'm a lazy bum.
Thursday, 2004 May 27
There's a new forum.
Sunday, February 17, 2002
Sometime last week died. I'm re-uploading this page (and five others) to Sorry about the banners. still works and is preferred to the prohosting URL since I know all too well that any host I choose falls victim to a dangerous curse.
Also, I think CSS will now work on IE 4+ and Netscape 4+. I didn't test Opera, because I'm lazy, but I think it'll work. Please report any problems.
Thursday, December 20, 2001
Some day I swear I'll get a CSS-based design that works decently for 99% of users' computers. (Time for a Mozilla plug. Get it and every serious web designer will love you forever.)
Anyway, I'm back to using frames again, because I don't feel life waasting my time rewriting it all using tables for exactly what they are not meant for.
I also changed all the gifs (Boo!) to pngs (Yay!) saving 79,048 bytes. Wow.
Friday, November 23, 2001
I finally got the CSS to work fine on NS4+ and IE4+. I ran into a few weird problems which I documented only to lose the file. If you're using a browser that doesn't support CSS, such as Netscape 3, the side bar appears above everything else, but I'm working on a way around that. Please report any problems.