The Temple of Odin: Downloads

Here you can download the game and a number of add-on utilities.

Castle of the Winds Shareware - 427KB
The first episode of CotW. It's a good idea to get through this and have a saved game from after you finish it before starting Cotw 2 (Registered).
Castle of the Winds Registered - 370KB
The second episode of CotW. This is now legal! Rick Saada, creator of Castle of the Winds, decided that it should be public domain so he has given permission for anyone to distribute it for free. (Epic doesn't have an exclusive license to sell it) He says I can redistribute it. It's a good idea to get through episode 1 and have a saved game from after you finish it before starting this.
Money Offset Finder - 27KB
This finds the location of the money offset in CotW 1 (and maybe 2) saved games so you can hex-edit it.
Universal Game Editor Module for CotW - 5KB
Module that lets you edit saved games from CotW 1 & 2 to change pretty much anything except stuff with items. You can even make it so you can cast spells such as Summon Monster! Cool! (This requires UGE; see below.)
Universal Game Editor - 114KB
Lets you edit saved games for several games and you can even create your own modules if you know a little about hex editing. Use this with the CotW module above to edit CotW saved game.
CWGEDIT 1.0 - 40KB
This lets you edit saved games, changing many character attributes. However, modifying XP doesn't seem to work and saving to a new file results in an invalid saved game, it seems.